2022 Buffalo Bills season predictions

It’s going to be a fun year! As I was putting this together I flip flopped on the Baltimore/Green Bay games a few times. October sticks out as the toughest block of the schedule. If things go south I could see the Bills entering November with a losing record. I don’t anticipate that though and as you can see in the graphic I have the Bills cruising to a relatively easy division title. I don’t predict the playoffs but I think Buffalo will be hosting a game. GO BILLS!

DON’T SLEEP ON: Zack Moss having a larger than expected role.

DON’T COUNT ON: The secondary being totally fine without Tre White. Expect to get burned a few times before White comes back and puts out the fire.

DO REMEBER: That although Buffalo was great last season they were still 3 wins short of winning the Super Bowl. Expect them to be a top contender but don’t expect anything past that.


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